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Preparing innovative education leaders.

The Changemaker Program is a premiere action learning experience for passionate educators who are ready to step up in their leadership journey and drive positive change in their schools. Our award winning program is based on six years of fine tuning, as well as research with educators and system leaders across the globe and aligns to the Australian Qualification Framework as a Level 9 course, allowing for credits towards Masters programs at a number of tertiary institutions. Far from a ‘talk and walk’ program, the experience is grounded in deep practical learning and made up of the following components:

  • We provide assistance with the marketing and SELECTION of participants for the program including liaison with school principals and regional leaders and ongoing communication regarding logistics and scheduling.

  • An initial TWO DAY WORKSHOP with a focus on giving the participants the tools needed to identify problems and missed opportunities, and innovate powerful solutions to them. We engage with concepts related to strategy, innovation, prototyping, leadership, impact assessment and change theory. An inspiring and often emotional journey, this is where we build the foundation to underpin the work that we do alongside the participants for the entire year. The program is highly action focused and all participants launch a change project to meet an identified challenge in their unique education setting. This workshop inspires and enables participants to walk away ready to launch a project.

    ‘Wow. I haven’t had a long career but I have the feeling that this PD will be hard to top.’

  • Throughout the year long program, all participants can engage with UNLIMITED strategy and coaching meetings with our lead facilitators through personalised email, phone calls and video conferences. During these meetings, participants access further learning, receive advice on decisions that need to be made and also (and often most importantly) receive encouragement as they work to action their change projects.

    ‘So many teachers struggle to stay afloat, but this support has been so powerful. Thank you.’

  • To reinforce the face to face learning we also provide access to all our resources through an ONLINE LEARNING community. Participants can step through individual learning at their own pace, engage in group learning, or receive timely support from our lead facilitators.

  • In our second TWO DAY WORKSHOP we focus on giving the participants the tools that they need to lead, and drive positive changes within schools. We ground our lessons in the locally relevant leadership standards, with the days broken into leading self, leading others and leading the school. Participants also re-engage with, and make improvements to, their change projects, accessing support from the lead facilitators as well as the collective genius of the group. This workshop is held three to five months after the first workshop.

    ‘What a buzz! Today I was part of an incredible learning experience. Professional learning at its best!’

  • In our final ONE DAY WORKSHOP we focus on teaching the tools needed to make change sticky and sustainable. Participants engage with further leadership principles and scale strategy as well as engaging with the communication tools needed to share these ideas with other schools and jurisdictions. This workshop closes with a celebration of the positive changes that have been created, with the participants creating learning opportunities for each other.

    ‘My change project has now scaled across the region, and I am running it! My dream job!’

  • Our team work closely to monitor not only the changes that take place professionally and personally in the participants, but also the IMPACT on the students that are influenced by their change projects. We provide consistent REPORTING to the local and regional education offices to provide feedback on the program and help to spread best practice between schools. Impacts are shared by written reports after each workshop with photos.







'A few years into my teaching career and before this program I was feeling like I couldn’t make a difference and that I was not supposed to be in education. Changemakers changed everything for me.'


'To be honest, before this program started I was not in favour, but the outcomes so far have been amazing. My staff member’s enthusiasm, drive and commitment is very powerful. This commitment is getting stronger not weaker as time goes on, which is different to most professional learning. I am a convert.'

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